Debut Album Dear God Out now

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Yitzchok Meir has spent over a decade touching every corner of one of the most chaotic, passionate, diverse, and innovative regions in the world. Right at home in a whirlpool collision of Europe, Asia, and Africa, his journey took him from hitchhiking teen to budding artist to a major player in a freshly emerging Jerusalem music scene, one that offers the most eclectic mixing of ethnic and stylistic traditions. With a deep sensitivity to the spiritual human struggle, he has performed for over a million people in settings and styles as varied as the cultural landscape.

A master of almost anything with strings, Yitzchok Meir was mentored by some of this decade's best talents, including Grammy award winner C Lanzbom. Influenced by Dylan's poetry and simplicity of language, Yitzchok Meir incorporates the elegance of Leonard Coen, the swagger of Sinatra and the depth of Carlebach into a surprisingly balanced rhythm. It resonated with Ronny Vance, a veteran executive in the industry who noticed something fresh in Yitzchok Meir's sound, and launched a long and fruitful collaboration to capture it and record it for the rest of the world. 

“Dear God” is Yitzchok Meir's first full-record offering, a symbioses of genre, vibe, reflections and hopes. Sometimes the track itself reaches out to poke you with a sudden shift in both mood and technique. The move-along groove and the gently laid lyrics ease you into a journey through identity, love, loss, war and peace. Eclectic, sometimes-edgy arrangements and ensembles prove worthy of a maturing, grander perspective, echos recalled in a smooth and sensual vocal performance. What comes out is a classy and suave flirtation of jazzy flows and bluesy bass, peppered with the occasional ballad and campus quad acoustic. “Dear God” is Yitzchok Meir's witty, subtle, well-seasoned prayer for the world.